Sep 29, 2017. Home equity loans are (usually) fixed-rate products, which means the interest rate and monthly payment don't change. They are fully-amortizing, which means you pay the loan in full over its term with regular monthly payments. The loan proceeds are dispensed in a lump sum when you close your loan.

Product A home equity loan is a loan based on the amount of equity a homeowner has in the property. It has a fixed rate, payment and term, usually five to 15 years.

Fixed rate and monthly payment amount; Term rates available; You can borrow up to 90% of the appraised value of your home, less any outstanding mortgages owed on the property; Best rates for repayment by automatic transfer from your checking account; Funds disbursed in full when you get the loan; No closing costs*.

Home Equity Lines & Loans | – Flexible access: Use your Home Equity Visa Card, transfer money to your checking account, or request checks. Low variable rate: As you access funds, the current variable HELOC rate will be applied. This assures a competitive rate in a fluctuating economy. Optional fixed rate: You can lock the rate for a portion of your loan.

Learn how home equity loans work and tap into the equity in your home, whether its in Utah or across the west. Get low rates and fees. Apply online.

We researched and ranked 10 home-equity loan providers based on their eligibility and loan requirements, rates, fees and customer service.

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As a homeowner, you can use your home's equity as a borrowing tool and leverage the value you've built through years of mortgage payments.

You can do this with two options: a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit. They both use your home as collateral. A home equity loan has a fixed interest rate.

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Find out if a fixed-rate loan or a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is best for you. Because of recent U.S. tax reforms, the steady increase of housing prices is.

Find out about our home equity loan products and rates so you can make an informed home refinancing decision.

Home Equity Loans. Sometimes savings aren’t enough and you need extra cash to cover major expenses. If you have a big one-time purchase with a set amount.

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Loan amount, rates, and repayment period are subject to approval based on credit history, property evaluation, ability to repay and the relationship you have established with WECU®. The Low Cost Home Equity Loan is based on the use of an automated property valuation. An appraisal, if needed, is paid by the borrower.

As you may have heard on the radio recently, home equity loan rates remain at some of the lowest levels in decades. One of the best aspects of home ownership is that you grow equity in the property over time. If you choose, you can pull out some of that cash with a fixed or adjustable rate home equity loan and use it for.